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Rosalind McLymont Author of Middle Ground & Keynote Speaker 2007 Harlem Book Fair on Long Island

Picture: Rosalind McLymont Author of Middle Ground & Keynote Speaker 2007 Harlem Book Fair on Long Island

Contact: Esther Armah, Founding Director

Centric Productions Co.


Centric Productions Launches A Revolutionary “Virtual Literary Marketing” Concept with the Award-Winning Novel, Middle Ground

July 9, 2007, (NEW YORK) -- Centric Productions, a U.S. and U.K-based multi-media production company, today launches its groundbreaking concept for marketing literary works to a global audience with the award-winning novel, Middle Ground, for the launch.

“Creative marketing is crucial in this climate to push books and attract bigger audiences to the world of literature The digital age offers writers and publishers possibilities to reach bigger audiences without spending an inordinate amount of time and money,” said Esther Armah, Centric’s founding director and host of “Off The Page,” a weekly literary radio show airing on WBAI at 99.5 FM every Thursday from noon until 1:00 p.m. “Traditional marketing is also served by an injection of innovation and creativity. And with corporate publishers offering fewer and fewer contracts to first-time writers and tightening their marketing purse strings across the board, it’s crucial that new and seasoned authors alike, especially self-published Black authors, find creative ways to market and promote their work. Centric Productions is delighted to make its own platforms available to authors in this create-the-buzz-yourself environment,” she added.

Middle Ground (Beckham, 2005; ISBN# 0-931761-17-4) is the debut novel of award-winning journalist Rosalind McLymont, editor-in-chief of the renowned business publication, The Network Journal (, and a partner in McLymont, Kunda & Co., an international business development strategies firm. It won this year’s “Best Fiction” Award at the Self-Published Authors and Independent Publishers Symposium presented annually by Aspicom Media and last October was named “Book of the Month” by Heather Covington’s Disilgold Soul online magazine.

Centric’s Virtual Literary Marketing package consists of the production and posting of a two- to three-minute video “trailer” and a five-minute video of a “dramatized reading” of an author’s work on, a global video stream specializing in all forms of Black entertainment and with an international audience in the US, UK, France and Ghana. For a “dramatized reading,” Centric creates a script based on the main themes and characters of the author’s work and casts professional actors to deliver a series of performances before live audiences. The dramatized reading video incorporates a segment of the live performance and interviews with the author and members of the audience. Middle Ground’s trailer and dramatized reading are currently streaming on TBTV’s site.

“I am extremely proud that my novel was chosen to be part of what surely will be recognized as a major milestone in the history of publishing. Middle Ground itself is a pioneering work and I could not have desired a better pairing for this kind of marketing coup than with the visionary Centric Productions,” McLymont said.

For more information about Centric Production’s revolutionary Virtual Literary Marketing package, including “trailers” and “dramatized readings,” contact Esther Armah at 1-347-993-9192, or at

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